Experience the gospel, unprecedented. Roc City Gospel brings the hip-hop world and God’s kingdom together in this neoteric production geared towards the masses. Some would call it Rap City with a holy twist, RocCity’s elements include Blaz Musiqup-close and personal interviews with unsigned and signed gospel, hip-hop artists alike, as well as pastors, youth leaders, and young business owners in regards to their careers, personal testimony, and ministry, just to describe a few key aspects. An open platform for Jesus Christ, Roc City will target those that are between the ages of 15-30 who are in Christ, while evangelizing to those who do not have the gift of salvation – educating all about who Jesus Christ is and why we need Him.

True to form, Roc City will feature the latest gospel hip-hop music videos, news, and promotions during each show. There are segments centered on a regular day in the life of a pastor, and all of the things seen and unseen that they must endure and face, while also leading the people of God. This is comparably-formatted to that of today’s reality shows, minus the scripted drama. Some interviews will take place in-home, showcasing a particular gospel figure’s residence and the lifestyle they maintain behind closed doors, outside of the spotlight. Other interviews will be on location, changing up the scenery and adding to the unconventional variety that is laced in the basis of this production. Signing off will be a showcase of gifting, with a freestyle shout-out from the interviewed-artist of the day, adding to the holy-twist and element of distinction that is evident throughout this Christian-based show.

To add to the Roc City experience, mixtapes will be released that feature the artists that have stopped by and blessed our mic with their lyrical giftings.  Airing on YOUTUBE & JCTV, look out for this tool of evangelism that rocks the kingdom of God with every recorded second.