Album Review: T Haddy – Motivation 2.0

Motivation 2.0

Album Review: T Haddy Motivation 2.0

Why I Hate T-Haddy’s Music

Please do not be alarmed because of the title of this review.  Why I hate T Haddy music is because it does not allow you to slack on what God has called you to do. This music should not be played if you are not ready to walk by faith to fulfill your purpose. Well OK, I do not actually hate T Haddy’s music but I know that the enemy does. From dropping dope albums like Hood Gospel Vol. 1&2, T Haddy Vs. T Pain, Motivation Music, Urban Worship, Dream Big and now we have Motivation 2.0, his latest project. T-Haddy has made a mark in the world of music as an independent artist, producer and minister of the Gospel. This is only the beginning for T Haddy and the 3MG family.


As soon I played the first track, I was impressed. The sound was clean and crisp. To me there is a difference between an artist that makes music and a music maker who is an artist. You never will be able to forget a true music maker when you encounter one.  The first track that caught my attention was “Fold Under Pressure,” you can hear every part of the song with ease. This is a great opener to get you ready for the rest of the album. The layout for this album is mastered to catch the ear of the listener from start to finish.

The next track we flowed into was “Champion.” This track we had a change to hear earlier this year with the Champion movement behind it. This is a banger that will have you ready to conquer your fears, haters and the enemy. For entire album is a motivator but for me there were two tracks that are my favorites, “Champion Sound” and “Turn Up.” These two tracks together are enough ammo to kill whatever doubt you may have that is standing in your way.

The music is not created for the average churchgoer. It is for those that can live outside of the box but know who they are in God.

Track Snapper: “Trigger in Me”


The lyrics are the core motivation to the album. Each song has lyrics that are easy to pick up with a couple of plays. Within two plays of the album I was able to sing along with the words. T Haddy has always spite a couple of verses on his earlier projects. I believe that on this album he has found the formula to balancing both. When I listened “So Motivated” it sounded a little like Kanye West flow. I loved to the different background fill-ins throughout the album.  This helped to keep my attention and to listen intentionally for what was next.


With T Haddy on the track, was enough for me to go in but he added some heavy hitters that caught my attention. First up we have the newest member to the 3MG roster, Ace Booige that is featured on the first track “Fold Under Pressure.” Ace Boogie is an East Tennessee native; he is new to 3MG but not new to the kingdom. Known for being an ex-hustler at a young age, he was also known for his lyrics as well. Hood-Legend turned Kingdom Reppa; Ace Boogie comes with swag and the Spirit of God that is combined with bomb dropping lyrics about his faith in God.  Ace also featured on “The Truth Unveiled” Album from T Haddy and Gideonz Army that released earlier this year.  Be on the look for his free Mixtape “Under Construction Volume 2” being released on the 3MG label this year.

Next up on the album, is D-Maub who has been around for minute. Creating raw street hip hop tracks that you can bob your head to, such “I’m Me” and his recent hit “Hip Hop Student”. D-MAUB is featured on the Holy Hip Hop: Takin’ The Gospel To The Streets Volume 4 Compilation and has ministered alongside national recording artists Nicole C. Mullen, Bootsy Collins, k-Drama, Karen Clark and Kierra Sheard, Electric Church, Mars Ill, Da’ T.R.U.T.H., E.Cross, and Tye Tribbett and G.A. just to name a few.

Last but not least, you have to have them GA boys on a track. Monolog is spittin’ on, “New New” and Souljah rippin’ on “Index Finger”. I am always ready to hear what these two have to say. They come with that southern twang that gives you something to ride to. I remember them as far back as being featured on the track with Canton Jones’ “One Mic” single. T Haddy was featured on the chart topping hit “Mainstream” and “Jesus Piece” that was released on the Mainstream Album. They started out with three dynamically gifted artist in the group but over time lost one due to irreconcilable differences. GA is still on a mission to share Jesus in the hood and show people that you can still have swag.


Having listened to T Haddy’s music over the years, I have always noticed that he has a great understanding of have a concept for the album. On Motivation 2.0, I believe that the concept for this album was show that you need to complete what you started and not allow other to dictate the vision that God gave you. Each song had lyrics that promoted confidence, encouragement and a challenge to believe in yourself. One big thing I noticed that T Haddy experimented with creating something for the ladies to encourage them. As a hip hop artist you have to be able to appeal to each person. The overall concept of this album was well planned and thought out to reach the masses.


In conclusion, I have listened to a lot of artist that have a gift from God and want to be an impact in the world. They work hard on their project putting in time to hopefully create something that will spark the life of the person who listens to it. One of my biggest struggles when it comes to music artist, especially in the gospel genre, is that they do not understand that it is bigger than just making the music. It is about the whole package, marketing, promoting, imagery, production, connections and a life of prayer. I also tell them to look at other artist that are doing great things in the kingdom and to look at this things they are doing. The one thing I can say about T Haddy is that he understands that you have to bring the whole package to the table. This is the perfect will of God, that you be prosperous in all that you do and that people may see your good works.

That’s all for now. Keep reppin’ the kingdom, you heard me!



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