Jamie Hardges

Speak A Rhema Word
I am a product of a single parent, dysfunctional, physically, emotionally and verbally abusive household… Rape did enter into the house, but thank GOD, HE protected me from that. I have seen many things. 
My intent is to inspire the common man to keep pushing… keep pressing and know that GOD is MORE THAN ABLE TO GIVE YOU AN EXCEEDING, ABUNDANTLY ABOVE LIFE!!! To encourage that man to develop and attitude of gratitude and in everything to give thanks for this is truly GODS will concerning you…
I JUST RECENTLY RELEASED MY FIRST CD…I am looking to encourage as many people as I can.

Website: www.JelizaBethHardges.com

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Hurshay Banks is the host of Roc City Gospel in Atlanta, GA. Roc City Gospel is a new platform for independent artist in the Urban & Hip Hop Gospel genre. Bringing you interviews, music videos and events to the world.

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